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Jive Celebrates Hitting 500 Employees

Here at Jive Communications, we’re proud to announce a critical milestone in the company’s progress: we hit 500 employees.

We’ve reached many milestones this year, including our 10-year anniversary, our company-wide acts of service, and the release of exciting new products like our K12 Safety Suite. Crossing the line to 500 employees, however, holds particular significance for any company.

What’s so special about hitting 500 employees?

Hitting 500 employees means you’re no longer considered a small business—you’re a mid-size company. At Jive, we see this as an important step in our growth as a company and a forecast of future successes to come. According to Kristen Harisay, HR and Development Manager at Jive: “By the end of 2017, we plan on celebrating having 600 employees.”

Benefits of Working at Jive

When asked how Jive achieved the 500-employee mark, Harisay said, “We just pick the right people. Our employees are committed and loyal. Their drive is a big reason why Jive enjoys the success it does today. That’s why we try to take care of our employees and help them feel happy and successful.”

Harisay went on to list the benefits Jive offers employees, such as complete coverage of employee health premiums and HSA and 401K plans with company match. “There’s also the catered lunches and unlimited snacks. And we hold an awesome retreat every year!”

High Employee Approval Ratings

Jive employees have responded by giving the company high marks. On, Jive ranks pretty high. Out of all surveyed employees, 82 percent recommend Jive to a friend, 72 percent have a positive business outlook, and a whopping 92 percent approve of Jive CEO John Pope.

“More than employee perks,” said Harisay, “our employees feel like they’re part of something bigger. Jive is changing the industry, which is why we’re the largest privately held Hosted VoIP provider out there. We have more datacenters than any other hosted competitor. Our customer service ranks the highest in the industry. And we’re also the only provider who publishes real-time status updates. We wouldn’t be any of those things without the stellar teams we have at our Utah, Canada, and Guatemala locations.”

Jive Employees

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