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Fantasy Baseball and Jive Call Analytics

It’s finally April, which means baseball season is officially underway. Maybe you’re not a baseball lover? No worries, because the bigger picture here is actually fantasy baseball. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been losing sleep awaiting your fantasy draft. Anticipating for weeks, maybe even months, preparing your draft order to make sure you don’t screw everything up and embarrass yourself in front of the guys. It’s intense. No, really, it is. Nails are bitten. Moustaches are stroked. You need solid pitchers and reliable batters. Some hitters have bad hitting streaks. Some pitchers lose their ability to pitch. You have to win this year, but how can anyone know what to do?

There is an answer (that doesn’t involve rigging games), and that answer is historical data. Fantasy sports companies like Rotoworld know that one of the best ways to predict the performance of your team is, of course, to intelligently base it on how they’ve done throughout the past. And since we live in the information age, retrieving data has never been easier (and if you’re still working on your draft, or would just like to see how baseball is measured, you can visit

So how does Jive Hosted VoIP relate to fantasy baseball? Your business is your fantasy team, and the best way to make decisions about the future is through the use of detailed information about the past. Jive offers free call analytics, providing you with the numbers you need to make the best possible decisions. You can know when your customers call, how long they want to talk, where they’re calling from, and which employees are working with these customers the most.

Jive call analytics empower you to maximize sales leads and efficiency by viewing your macro and micro phone-traffic patterns. These include data such as “mean/min/max” reports and time-of-day reports for all extensions and numbers, geography-based heat maps, and downloadable CDRs. Filters can be applied that sort data by call count, time of day, call duration, caller geography, call routing information, and more.

Would it be valuable to your business to know the time of day when the most calls are answered? Did Ty Cobb steal 96 bases one season because of his blazing speed and conspicuously sharp cleats? Probably so, but you should find out for yourself.

Businesses everywhere are implementing call analytics to make better decisions regarding their next moves, but Jive stands among just a few VoIP providers offering this tool at no additional cost. I’ll spare you the emphatic baseball pun now, but really, it’s pretty great. Don’t take my word for it though. Head over to to request a free demonstration on how your business can better use analytics to grab some wins this season.

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