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Is Jive Right for Your Business?

Jive offers high-quality VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, services to businesses and provides a range of low cost business VoIP solutions. Many types of businesses can benefit from incorporating Jive’s brand of VoiP hosted services, both small and large. With all-inclusive business VoIP systems available, businesses will discover lower telecommunications costs and better customer service.

A wide range of services and call features come standard with every Jive business package. These call features improve customer relations, save time and make a business more efficient. The following are some of the most popular Jive features any business can appreciate:

  • • call queues
  • • auto attendant
  • • online call logs and reports
  • • easy to setup voicemail
  • • music and message on hold
  • • speed dial
  • • unified messaging
  • • caller ID
  • • custom schedules
  • • desktop integration
  • • call routing
  • • remote access
  • • virtual extensions and online fax
  • • LDAP integration
  • • dial-by-name directory
  • • call transfers and forwarding
  • • online PBX controls
  • • call recording
  • • intercom
  • • Visual Dial Plan Editor
  • • and more

Businesses that Benefit from Jive

Many types of businesses can benefit from Jive’s hosted VoIP system. Sales companies typically use a great deal of phone services and need to save money on international, long-distance and local calls. Monthly telecommunications costs from a traditional phone company can often reach 4 figures for a sales company. Call centers also find telecommunications services to be one of their largest expenses.

With Jive’s VoIP system, call centers realize a huge savings and find that employees can even work from home or on the road. Insurance companies also require their employees to place hundreds of calls per day to resolve customer issues, claims and losses. Using Jive’s VoIP phone service is the smart decision to save money and easily anticipate monthly telecommunications costs.

Basically, any company that has high call volumes, either inbound or outbound, can benefit from switching to Jive’s affordable VoIP phone services, designed especially with businesses in mind. Jive offers innovative, but low-cost services that you can count on.

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