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Jive’s Affiliate Program: Help Us Help You

Jive is in the business of helping people—most specifically, helping them to communicate—and we are passionate about sharing our success with others. In a world full of dog-eat-dog scenarios, the Jive Affiliate Program offers upfront and residual income benefits to anyone willing to refer customers. In essence, you become our eyes and ears. We do the heavy lifting, and you receive the monetary perks.

Dog-Eat-Dog vs. Symbiotic Mentality

The dog-eat-dog mentality is nothing new to society or to the business sector. It is also prevalent in our media. In popular shows like Survivor (currently on its 29th season), Game of Thrones, Cupcake Wars, The Voice, and so many others that promote a cutthroat, winner-takes-all mentality, it’s hard to find a situation that promotes a symbiotic relationship.

Symbiotic relationships are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. This type of relationship is demonstrated in nature by the interaction between the sea anemone and the clownfish. In the business world, it’s demonstrated by companies and people coming together and leveraging hard-won network connections using innovative technologies.

Jive’s Affiliate Program: How It Helps You

 Jive’s Affiliate Program works similarly. We ask that you help us by recommending Jive’s innovative, cost-saving communications service to your business clients and professional network. Simply mention the product and connect those in your network with Jive, and we will sell the new account and oversee the implementation of the service.

The essence of our message is memorably stated by Jerry Maguire himself:

Jive offers a suite of Unified Communications products that offers both powerful features and top-rated customer service to all of our customers. You mention our product and connect us with your professional network, and we’ll pay you for your efforts.

Not only will you receive an upfront payout, but also, residual payouts for every month those referrals are using Jive’s services. Additionally, this program is NOT limited to existing clients who use Jive’s services—it’s available to anyone that refers individuals or companies to Jive.

Help us help you today!

For details please contact us at 855-850-0080, or email us at

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