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Interviewing at Jive


Let’s face it: most of us don’t love job interviews. Interviews are often stressful and involve a lot of worrying about if your clothes look professional enough and how to prepare for curveball questions.

Interviewing at Jive isn’t like interviewing anywhere else.

For example, we believe in short, to-the-point interviews that don’t waste your time,  and we don’t ask questions unrelated to work, such as, “If you were a Disney character, which one would you be?” (Great thing to ponder, but it does it really tell us if you’d fit in at Jive?)

Often, before we even start the interview process, we introduce potential candidates to Jive through our Lunch & Learn, an event we hold multiple times a week. For L&L, the company provides lunch and a member of the development team speaks about a topic of tech interest. L&L serves as a sort of pre-screening, a chance for us to chat with potentials and get a feel for them. Guests are always welcome at Lunch & Learn, and many guests end up interviewing with us later.

Once the interview process starts, we do a series of three 15-minute interviews to assess candidates’ coding ability, passion for tech and for Jive, and rightness for our team, respectively. The interviews are done with three different people, and if two of the three give a thumbs-up, candidates are sent on to Theo Zourzouvillys, Jive’s CTO, who has an open conversation with them about the position and decides whether or not to make them an offer.

Along with having focused interviews, we also give our expectations upfront so no one is confused about them later on. For example, developers at Jive work at least 50 hours a week, and we want candidates to know that going in. If that stipulation means the job isn’t for you, we’re okay with that, and we won’t adjust our culture to try to draw candidates in. We tell people what we’re about and expect that those with the same vision will be hooked. We also get back to people when we say we will and, if possible, let candidates know on the spot whether or not they’ll be joining our team.

So in a way, interviewing at Jive is both more relaxed and more intense than interviewing with your average company. We don’t care so much what you look like or if you’re good in an interview; we care about what matters: do you fit our job needs and do you share our vision and passion? Nice to find a company like that, right?  So come on and interview with us. We won’t waste your time if you don’t waste ours.


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