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Internet Connections: What to Know Before Switching to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP – merges voice and data communication with Internet delivery. Also known as Internet telephony or IP telephony, VoIP is a revolutionary technology that is changing the business world.

VoIP boasts high bandwidth efficiencies and has extremely low operating and maintenance costs. Traditional copper hardwire telephone systems cost a large sum to operate, while VoIP actually dramatically lowers telecommunications expenses, offers numerous features and provides low long distance calling rates. Many companies estimate that their total cost savings are between 60- to 80-percent!

As more businesses migrate from traditional services to VoIP, more features are being incorporating into mainstream business processes, including voicemail, auto attendants, call queues, etc. Companies can even select local telephone numbers for regional offices, making it more appealing for customers to contact them directly.

This leads businesses to wonder what the requirements are for switching to VoIP, which includes:

  • Internet Connection – A solid, reliable and dependable Internet connection is required for VoIP services. Remember, all voice and data seamlessly transmits over the Internet, so having a good connection is necessary. If you have sporadic “down” times with your Internet connection, you will loose phone service during these times.
  • VoIP Service Types – There are a number of different VoIP services and each business will need to determine which one best meets their specific needs. Hosted PBX systems are managed by Jive, who “hosts” the equipment. PBX owned equipment is owned directly by the business and may be more costly in the end, since each business owns the technology equipment. There are pro’s and con’s to each type of business phone service.
  • VoIP Service Provider – There are a number of different VoIP providers on the market. Each business needs to interview providers to see who is a good fit for their corporation. Jive offers excellent customer service and highly trained staff that walk companies through switching to VoIP.
    VoIP Equipment – VoIP business phones vary in price, depending upon models and features. Jive offers equipment that can be purchased. Their catalog is available online or customers can call Jive directly to discuss their equipment needs.
  • Phone Number – It is possible for companies to keep their current telephone numbers when switching to VoIP services.
  • Setup – Setting up VoIP is easily accomplished by in-house technology experts, by third parties or via telephone with Jive’s online support staff.

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