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Vader’s phone system was probably Jive


Seriously. Vader probably had Jive. All the signs are there. Video chat, multiple locations, custom sound files—plus you never see him manage it. And you know Vader would never have had a direct line to get to him—it would have been an auto-attendant set up to screen his calls. Darth has always struck me as the type that would want control of his system. I mean, he could have one of his commanders manage it for him, but I’d hate to see that guy get choked if he messes it up.

You may not think you relate to Darth Vader. There’s the whole “I’m on the good side” thing. I get that. I always thought the Jedi got the cooler light saber colors anyway. But there is one way I guarantee you relate to Darth: you probably don’t want to spend much time managing your phone system—and you’d probably like to be able to make changes from anywhere you take your little operation (or Death Star, whatever).

That’s what you get with Jive. You control every setting, every configuration, every detail, but it’s done simply with a web interface accessible from anywhere you can get internet. Changes that took a call to a system administrator and a day’s wait on an old phone system are made with drag-and-drop simplicity on Jive.

You remember that scene where you get a creepy glimpse of his head and then his helmet gets put on and you see his suit seal up and everything? He’s got this legit captain’s chair where he can sit and rule the galaxy and create his galactic plans. He can do pretty much anything from right there (including Video chat, but that’s for another day). Of course, having the force helps…

That’s what I want for you. I want you to feel like you have the controls to your phone system—like you can manage it from wherever you are in your galaxy. Better than that, I want you to feel like you’ve “got this”—you’re confident that you can do whatever you need to do with it, and fast. Can your phone system do that?

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.38.06 AM

    Wait, so I can really change anything on the system right from a web interface? You said it. Dial plans, menu options, auto-attendants, voicemail boxes, virtual fax machines—updates go live the second you click save. It’s all because of the Cloud. You’re in control.

    Can I do dial plan configurations?   Of course. Drag-and-Drop and try not to get addicted. You’ll start wishing you had more creative call menu options at your business so you could spend more time setting it all up—it’s better than fruit ninja.

    What about new sound greetings?  Piece of cake. Whether it’s a new voicemail message, a new “please listen carefully as our menu options have changed”, or even new hold music, just open up the configuration, select the sound file you want, and save. You can record new ones right from your phone. Swap out your voicemail message every day if you want to. You can even make playlists of hold music so your customers don’t get sick of the same song over and over. Of course, we hope you’re not keeping them on hold that long anyway…

    Okay, what about access?   It’s seamless. You’re at a soccer game and wish you could check the company voicemail box from your cellphone to see if your supplier called you back. Totally doable. You can set up a hidden menu option in your auto-attendant and just call your company number and press the code to get to your voicemail box. Of course, you probably already have voicemail-to-email set up, so you’d have seen it show up in your email on your phone already. Just play it right there on your phone—even forward it in your email to whatever department it needs to go to. Sure beats the old school PBX.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.00.21 PM

100% Remote management from anywhere and a user experience easier than fruit ninja—that’s what Jive can do for you. Jive was purpose-built in the Cloud to solve the problems of the legacy and On-Premises PBX. Thank us later. For now, get yourself a Jive demo. I bet our inside team can set up your whole phone system faster on Jive than your certified IT guy can make one change on an old-school PBX. In fact, I bet they can do it before you finish your lunch.

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