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Hosted VoIP Myths That Can Hurt Your Business

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding new technology – Hosted VoIP is no exception. As one of today’s go-to solutions for communication and collaboration, Hosted VoIP is expected to grow and hit a market high of 9.50 Billion USD by 2023. Despite this promising industry outlook, a number of businesses are still apprehensive about making the switch. Even with the rising adoption rates today, there are still a notable number of organizations who opt to stick to legacy phone systems, largely due to longstanding myths about Hosted VoIP technology.

These myths breed apprehension and doubt about what Hosted VoIP offers businesses. This article hopes to dispel some of the most persistent myths that discourage business owners from utilizing this platform.

1. “It’s so much cheaper to stick to what I already have than shifting to Hosted VoIP.”

Legacy systems are reliable, familiar and you’ve probably used them for a while. But a business needs to evolve, which means its needs will also change. Think of it this way – sticking to traditional phone systems is like sticking to a horse and wagon when you have the option to use a car. It serves its purpose, but it does so at a pace that’s slower and much more limited.

If your competition has started to leverage on Hosted VoIP, it’s very likely that you’ll have a harder time keeping up, which could ultimately lead to financial losses. When you factor in the constant maintenance that your legacy system requires, you begin to rack up repair costs and expenses that will only increase over time. Remember, if you’re using old technology, more specialized technicians are required to conduct maintenance and repairs. So, if your system starts to break down, it will be harder and more expensive to find the parts.

In contrast, shifting to Hosted VoIP requires very little overhead investment. Installation, maintenance and updates are all handled by the Hosted VoIP provider. It’s also easier and less expensive to scale up or down, depending on your business needs.

2. “We don’t really need a Hosted VoIP service — we can easily use our cell phones.”

It’s true that mobile devices, especially smartphones, have become an invaluable part of business communication and collaboration. However, without a centralized and streamlined way to manage the volume of emails, texts, messages, voicemails and calls that companies handle on a daily basis, all this back and forth tends to get very confusing.

The great thing about Hosted VoIP is that it uses existing devices that you’re already familiar with, and it streamlines everything into a single platform, making communication and collaboration easier.

3. “Hosted VoIP call quality is substandard to legacy phone systems.”

You might think that switching to something else means that your data call quality is going to be choppy and unreliable – that’s just not true.

Hosted VoIP call quality is comparable, if not better, than that of legacy phone systems. With sufficient bandwidth, you gain all the usability of legacy phone systems, plus the functionality of an advanced system that offers reliable mobility, communication and collaboration features.

Don’t let these common myths about switching to a Hosted VoIP platform hold your business back. Stay ahead of the competition and get in touch with us at Jive today to find out what we can do for you.

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