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Hosted VoIP: The Future of Technology in Today’s Changing World

Jive works with a variety of businesses – including large call centers to small employers – helping to bring them into the modern world of technology.

Every company is looking to trim the unnecessary budget fat. With hosted VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – technology, employers can easily decrease their telecommunications plans by more than 50%. The benefits of a hosted VoIP system are endless, including calling routing, automated directory search, automated attendants, emailing employees immediately with voicemail messages, etc. This allows employees’ business phones to have complete integration with company’s technology. Faster customer response time, not only impresses customers, but also increases sales.

When a system is hosted, it indicates that the equipment is not on site, that a provider, such as Jive, administers and oversees the system. Sounds expensive? Hardly! Imagine the savings of not having a professional phone and IT personnel onsite. Alternatively, your IT professional can better use his/her time by creating more effective company websites and better maintaining other technological equipment.

Instead of paying traditional conglomerate telephone companies’ outrageous fees per minute, employers can now use the internet systems they have in place to substantially decrease their bill and pay one small monthly fee. Every business phone linked through the hosted VoIP system qualifies for these savings. 

Small business VoIP phone systems are easy to maintain. The only equipment an employer needs to be concerned with is supplying the phone, hosted services carry the rest of the weight on their shoulders, ensuring that the system is operational and not only lives up to, but exceeds expectations.

Power surges and outages cost companies millions of dollars in damage annually. With business VoIP, companies will no longer endure that unexpected expense. Hosted providers, such as Jive, take responsibility for any equipment failures or damage. Everything is hosted remotely so there is nothing that can be damaged onsite.

An excellent example of a company that can benefit from a VoIP system is a call center. If a company has five different call centers globally, a customer can call one advertised number. Customers hold in the queue until the next available representative can speak to them. Once an associate is available, the call is directly forwarded to him/her. Imagine the endless possibilities! Employees could work from home, driving down the cost of large office space, but still provide excellent customer service.

With a variety of features, hosted VoIP offers not only call forwarding, but also voicemail, and allows employees the ability to travel with their phone on a hosted channel. Never change your phone number again! Not only do companies see significant cost savings in switching to a hosted VoIP, but a host of satisfied customers.

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