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Hey. You. Get Onto Our Cloud!

In 1965 The Rolling Stones released the hit song Get Off Of My Cloud, which quickly reached the top of the Billboards and remained on the charts for weeks. Although the cloud that the band was referring to in the 60s is slightly different than the cloud we know today, Jive’s still taking a different approach than the Rolling Stones. They might not want you on their cloud, but we want you on ours!

What is the cloud?

The cloud is essentially a virtual storage closet, and it is the fastest growing way to store and provide data and software. According to Smartdata Collective, there are a lot of big name companies that have moved into the cloud such as, Netflix, Xerox, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, Apple, and MediaMath—and those are just a few! The cloud is a reliable IT solution, which allows companies to expand their business without the high upfront costs or expensive tech development. Sounds pretty great, right?

While the cloud is changing the business world for numerous reasons, one of the most revolutionary capabilities of the cloud is hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP companies, like Jive Communications, put your phone system (data, software, etc.) in the cloud—not jumbled in your supply closet. There is no need to worry about the bulk and hassle of old PBX systems, Jive maintains and updates all the software at headquarters, using the cloud to then provide the service to your building.

The cloud makes phone systems simple, affordable, and reliable—not to mention, extremely customizable. The cloud routes calls, sends faxes, and allows any user to manage Jive’s easy-to-use online portal. Since the cloud is online, Jive’s phone system doesn’t demand an incredibly high upfront cost and the bill is simply based on your number of phones.

Who is the cloud for?

While The Rolling Stones weren’t willing to share their cloud, Jive is anxious to share its cloud. Small businesses, large corporations, school districts, and even hardware resellers can benefit from utilizing the cloud. Cloud-based phone systems make telecommunications simple and reliable, allowing every company, school, and institution to focus on their individual missions. With the cloud you can work smarter, not harder.

Why Jive’s Cloud?

Jive Communications has been around since 2006 (back when the cloud was still a mystery of the future). Since then, Jive has been dedicated to helping businesses transition to the cloud and move into a brighter future with Unified Communications. Jive offers top of the line features that are easy to manage online, including unlimited auto attendants and voicemail boxes. Jive’s software is built for the average user and doesn’t require telecom experts. But even if you do need help, Jive is also top-rated for customer service and will provide answers to questions or concerns about any new phone system. Jive Cloud gives users the reliability they need without cutting short on any of the flexibility.

So ditch your old school PBX system, and get on the Jive Cloud—we’re waiting for you.

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