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A Glowing Future for VoIP

The future for VoIP phone systems is bright! This revolutionary phone service – Voice over Internet Protocol – allows businesses to make telephone calls over the Internet rather than using a traditional, expensive landline. This advanced service is extremely affordable and allows businesses to save an average of 30- to 50-percent over traditional telephone expenses.

Studies show that currently, approximately 31-percent of U.S. companies utilize some form of VoIP services. However, this number is projected to increase to 66-percent by 2015, leaving traditional circuit-switch telephones in the minority. Essentially, the number of businesses using this advanced form of telecommunications is expected to soon double.

As with any form of technology, it advances over the years until it is perfected, but yet it continually evolves to meet the needs and demands of society. While VoIP technology is far less expensive than traditional landlines, as the upper echelons of management embrace the cost savings, they will soon realize that this form of technology is actually very similar in appearance and day-to-day operations to traditional systems. The main difference occurs in how the data is processed and deployed, which all happens behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the user.

Jive’s VoIP service offers unparalleled features, including auto attendants, call logs, call queues, voicemail, call reports, find-me follow-me features, caller ID, unified messaging, speed dial, music on hold, message on hold, custom schedules, call routing, desktop integration, remote access, virtual extensions, online fax, LDAP integration, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, call transfers, call forwarding, Visual Dial Plan Editor, online PBX controls, call recording and intercom features.

As the aforementioned features are not available on traditional telephone systems, many businesses are embracing this type of organizational management technology. These features allow employees to check messages from home, at work or while traveling, participate in conference calls, organize voice mail messages and much more. Additionally, more employees are utilizing tablets and Smartphones in the workplace and several applications are available to help keep employees connected at all times.

Call recording features are also important, as they serve two vital functions. First, they allow managers to evaluate their employees and how they interact with clients on a daily basis. Second, they can help prevent lawsuits in court and serve as evidence.

VoIP phone systems help small businesses manage their communication solutions. These VoIP business solutions help benefit sales teams and customer service representatives. As with all technologies, VoIP for business is ever evolving and changing to become a bright and shining star in the telecommunications industry.

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