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Get a Big Productivity Boost with These UC Features

Technology is often cited as a great enabler for productivity in the workplace. Still, a growing number of organizations are learning that the real key to boosting productivity in offices isn’t just about using any kind of technology – it’s about choosing the right one.

This is where Unified Communications (UC) comes in!

UC is premised on the idea that traditional workflows can be faster, easier, and more efficient if communication within offices is streamlined using the right technology. What UC does is combine the tools that your employees use on a daily basis to collaborate and coordinate into a single platform. But what specific UC features enable this? Check out our list below!

1. Unified Messaging

It probably comes as no surprise that most businesses rely on email, chat, voice and text to coordinate with colleagues and clients efficiently. Unfortunately, challenges occur when you realize that switching from one app to another is actually time consuming and tedious. On top of that, it can lead to missed messages and miscommunication.

UC is designed to condense your most frequently-used messaging platforms into a single application. Therefore, there’s no need to log in and out of different tools. Everything can be accessed through a unified dashboard. This enables faster communication between colleagues and empowers seamless collaboration between teams. It’s a feature that can drive creativity and coordination more often in the workplace.

2. Conferencing Tools

Conferencing tools and applications are designed to bring large groups together so they can collaborate in a meaningful way. In this past, conferencing was a feature that was mainly available to large, blue chip corporations on account of the cost associated with the technology. These kinds of tools required hardware, a designated meeting space, and a dedicated team to manage them.

With UC, however, conferencing is an inherent part of its features. Since it’s a service delivered by the cloud, there’s no need to invest in major hardware or equipment to implement and maintain it.

3. Real-time Presence

The lack of physical presence between remote teams has proven to be one of the biggest bottlenecks for workplace productivity. When you and your teammates are working in the same physical space, coordination is as simple as reaching over to the desk to ask a question. The loss of real-time presence makes it harder for employees to address issues and proceed with their work, which leads to delays.

With UC presence and status monitoring, you know exactly who’s available for a chat, a quick meeting, or to answer a question. This allows more people to contribute their input, be more engaged, and facilitates faster decision-making.

4. Mobility

One of the biggest trends in workplace productivity is hinged on an office’s flexibility. Offices that leverage UC for workplace productivity can easily take work with them wherever they go, allowing them to be more flexible and mobile. Employees can also access their files on their mobile devices and get in touch with remote team members. Managers can keep track of everyone’s progress in the workplace and when working remotely.

Keep an eye out for these key features in order to take advantage of everything this UC technology has to offer!

Meetings, Messaging and Phone: All Together Now

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