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The Future of VoIP

Reports are in and sources almost unanimously agree that the future of Voice over Internet Protocol technology will include a Smartphone revolution. Market trend analysts foresee a shift from circuit-switched voice (landlands) to VoIP. While this has been mulled about for nearly the past decade, the swing to allow this technology switch to happen is here.

First, the average Smartphone user pays approximately $100, plus tax to his/her individual cellular carrier. Two-thirds of the plan is used towards voice and the remaining one-third towards a data fee, which typically ranges from two gigabytes to unlimited.

With VoIP apps breaking through into the Smartphone industry, including wireless enabled devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad, cellular phone companies will see a dramatic reduction in the amount of usage on most consumers’ plans. Suddenly the two-thirds voice data can be reduced and put towards the one-third data plan that is unlimited.

While some financial analysts are in a scurry over market vulnerability with cellular carriers standing to lose two-thirds of their valuable revenues, the ultimate switch to wireless VoIP (wVoIP) will take years to complete.

First, there are Smartphone providers and second, Smartphone manufacturers. The iPad revolutionized the data industry, by only offering data-based plans. In many cases, customers can pay $25/month for unlimited data and then they combine that with a VoIP app that allows for unlimited texting and calls. This essentially saves a Smartphone user more than $70/month, which in today’s economy is valuable pocket change. Of course the iPad is rather bulky, so Apple’s solution is the iPod Touch, which does everything the iPad will do, only on a physically smaller scale and for those people who desire a device that is in between, Apple has now introduced the iPad Mini.

Of course, as historical figures show, once one company makes a bold product, more manufacturers are sure to jump on this trendy bandwagon, offering competitive products for consumers.

Essentially, this leaves the mobile wireless market up for grabs, but who will jump on board this rising ship and become captain? Only time and patience will tell.

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