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The Future of Life in the Cloud

The technology buzzword for today’s decade is “Cloud.” Managing, streamlining and prioritizing business phone services are necessary in the entrepreneurial world. The latest technology solution is Cloud PBX, a modern telephone solution for an ever-changing world.

With the downturn in economic times, every business can use a little more diligence when spending money and setting budgets. Here is where Jive comes in; their advantageous business phone service not only oozes efficiency but benefits small businesses by helping maintain the black, instead of the bleak red.

These cost effective solutions involve phone services that host over the internet, instead of traditional, expensive landlines. Conventional phone systems require businesses to pay additional fees per line, penalizing companies for growth. Jive takes a different approach. Companies are rewarded for growing, and promoting increased flexibility in day-to-day operations. What a novel concept! By utilizing hosted VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – the entire phone system operates in a virtual internet space, with no daunting geographic restrictions. This feature is excellent for expanding businesses, keeping employees in different locations connected virtually without incurring substantial phone fees.

Cloud PBX offers no limitations. However large an employer wants to grow, Jive will grow with them, helping companies excel every solitary step of the way. Promoting the idea that technology knows no bounds to future growth, the only obstacle in the way of companies is the bounds within which they confine themselves.

Hosted VoIP is virtually maintenance-free and Jive works to ensure that this technology never interferes with business growth, but actually takes a back seat, something that employees take for granted. This allows employees to focus on the necessary tasks – to ensure that the company is successful!

The benefits of Cloud PBX are substantial. These include allowing businesses to move locations and easily take their phone systems with them. No additional fees for disconnecting service, restarting service, rewiring buildings, permit hassles, etc. This mobile system moves with businesses. It can even accommodate traveling employees. What a savings when an employer has employees constantly on the move. The abilities of this technology are virtually endless, but one of the most important aspects is that employers can always keep their phone numbers, helping retain business. Cloud PBX offers the standard phone services that companies have grown used to over the years, including caller ID, call waiting, etc. It just takes telephone lines to a completely new futuristic cost-savings level.

Businesses typically hire employees with special skill sets that correspond to certain jobs. For example, if a company needs a leading salesperson, they hire someone with trained and proven experience to lead their company in a successful direction. Companies should employ the same tactics when dealing with technology solutions. Jive understands hosted VoIP systems in a way that other companies do not. Employing professionals who work to streamline today’s technology and incorporate it into companies so that it works behind the scenes, restructuring daily tasks, is what the professionals at Jive excel in. Why choose a subpar service when you can have the best?

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