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Finding Respect: Jonathan and Jive

When you’re working a job, you want to be treated with basic respect. (Really you want that even if you don’t have a job, but go with it.) Everyone deserves that.

This was what was going through Jonathan Aaron’s mind as he walked into yet another company presentation at Utah State University.

Aaron had been having tough luck with work lately. With all the job search anxiety a young professional goes through, Aaron never would have thought finding a job where people respected him as a fellow human being would be the problem. Unfortunately, up to that point, it had been. So by the time he showed up at this particular presentation, he was more than a little frustrated and discouraged.

The company presenting that day was Jive. Matt Ryan and Phil Holmes from Jive’s development team were recruiting for Jive, and even though Aaron had never heard of the company before, he got a good vibe about it. A really good vibe. Just from talking to Ryan and Holmes, Aaron knew he was interested in working at Jive. And his interactions with the company since then have only reaffirmed his initial impression.

His first week on the job introduced him to Jive’s “jump right in” philosophy. To help new hires get up to speed on what Jive does—supporting business phones using Voice over IP technology—each of them goes through a week of customer service training. Aaron really enjoyed the training because it gave him a good idea of how the phone system is laid out, along with the types of questions and challenges customers have about using it. He feels like the training was well done, with good powerpoints and practical discussions on applying the technology.

After the training, nothing slowed down as Aaron was dropped into the “dev cave” (the development department), assigned a team, given a short introduction to what was going on, and was told, “Get started and have fun!”

Aaron says this experience is “challenging but cool.” He appreciates that people trust him to figure out how to do what he needs to do, even though this process can be nerve-wracking. In his short time so far at Jive, he says he’s also come to enjoy Jive’s environment of open communication because it makes him comfortable to exchange opinions and feedback. As well, he likes that he can make a direct impact on the team and the future of the company as well as on his own future, and he’s excited to keep learning so he can contribute even more.

Since coming to Jive, Aaron has found the respect he was looking for, both basic human respect and respect for a job well-done. He says Jive is “a place where I can really test my potential and have a huge network of people who are interested in my success.”

Good thing Aaron went to that presentation.

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