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Enjoy Your Turkey and Beat the Black Friday Blues with Jive

The holidays are supposed to be enjoyed with relaxation, treats, and family, right? Well, for most, this isn’t the case. Most often there are screaming kids, uncles yelling over the football game, and tornados of Black Friday coupons. And let’s not forget the hovering reminders of work deadlines.

Your holiday may end up feeling more like this:



Whether you’re in retail and you’ve been scheduled for the motherload of all shifts or your work schedule is actually a constant 24/7 stream of incoming calls, emails, and faxes, Jive is here to make your holiday just a little bit easier.

Let me elaborate on just a few of these Holiday heaven-sends:

Custom Greetings

Let your customers know you won’t be answering their calls during the holidays with a short and sweet holiday greeting. Feel free to send them to a special voicemail box, or ask them to call back when you’re back in the office. There’s no need for confusion when you can let them know exactly what your holiday hours are.

Dial Plan Editor

This drag-and-drop tool allows you to quickly configure your phone system in real time with auto attendants, voicemail boxes, ring groups, sound clips, and more, allowing callers to reach the person they need promptly. This makes it easy for you to avoid the calls you don’t want to get on Turkey Day.

Jive Mobility

This softphone will allow you to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone like a typical office handset, and can be used in lieu of or alongside your desk phone. Whether you’re cooking the turkey or on mashed-potato duty, you can stay reachable for important business calls. Take your softphone with you and you’ll never miss a call!

Jive’s here to make the holidays easier for you, your employees, and your customers. Just like Jive minimizes the stress of your everyday business, Jive keeps the holidays stress-free too. Happy Turkey Day from the Jive team!

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