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Effortless Power: Our Outlook on Training


Effortless Power vs. Powerless Effort

Those of you who golf know that it’s one of the most difficult sports to master, requiring the highest level of mental strength. Why? Well, besides the many components in your swing that have to align perfectly just to make contact, there’s the fact that our minds are our worst enemy.

Our ego wants to crush the ball, causing our mind to say, “I better swing as hard as I can.” In reality, this is actually counterproductive. What works is perfecting technique to the point at which your upper body and lower body work synergistically to create the right club speed and solid impact. It’s common to hear golfers talk about effortless power vs powerless effort. It’s not how hard you swing, but how you swing, that generates power, accuracy, and consistency.

The Future of Training at Jive

As Jive continues to grow, it would be easy for training to get left behind. Our services are meant to simplify our customers’ lives, not complicate them. In order to accomplish this, customer-focused training is imperative. Just as in golf, training should be effortless and should generate effective power towards our customers. Knowledge is power, right?

So what’s our strategy to make training effortless for our customers? Our dream is big, but I have narrowed our approach down to five high-level standards that all materials should meet.

1. Training is KISS.
Keep It Simple, Stupid” is most often heard in the design industry, but is equally applicable to training. When training is simple, people will use it. In graduate school, one of my professors always taught that, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” That is our motto.

2. Training is easy to find and navigate.
What good is quality training if no one can find it? Our goal is to centralize all of our training in one user-friendly location, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for…FAST.

3. Training is concise, but complete.
To some, being concise and complete is an oxymoron. We do not believe this. We will always fight to keep our materials concise without sacrificing the important details that our customers need to use our services.

4. Training is intuitive.
Jive’s goal is to make training something that learners of all ages and abilities can understand. Anyone should be able to hop right in and feel instantly comfortable with our training.

5. Training is versatile.
Everyone learns differently. For this reason, providing different deliverables to meet each type of learner’s needs is important. Training mediums can include written documentation, video tutorials, interactive simulations, webinars, and more.

We at Jive have a lot of work to do, but our focus on our customers will continue. We will provide the instruction to generate the effortless power our customers deserve. As end users come to know all the in and outs of our services, they will find just how easy it is to Jive!

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