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The Dev Team's Offsite Seminar…In Vegas

In our Channel Partners post we discussed the development team’s grand appearance at the conference in Las Vegas where 80 of Jive’s developers were able to learn more about the industry, size up the competition, network with other technologists, and ultimately discover new opportunities and room for growth and strategic advancement.

But Channel Partners wasn’t the only event the dev team participated in while in Vegas. Their primary purpose was to attend their third quarterly offsite seminar. This offsite meeting allows the team to not only collaborate and build a stronger sense of cohesion and camaraderie, but also share excitement surrounding past successes, discuss lessons from mistakes, and communicate the current standing of Jive as a whole. Also discussed were short term goals and objectives, and the various methods and requirements to achieve them.

Group of Jive Developers

Developers were privileged to hear a wide range of topics from various sectors within the company. Business intelligence, the scrum master, the national executive director, the Chief Technology Director, the COO and CEO, and many others spoke.

Our Jive CEO, COO and CTO discussed current issues, Jive’s vision, and the direction we are heading. Other topics introduced included our relation to our competition presented, internal innovations that will propel us into the position of a world class competitor in the SIPS arena, user experience plans and integration with new development by our UX department, and the importance of planned, continuous improvement in an active and changing environment from our scrum master.

Conference with Jive Staff

While at the offsite seminar the development team was filled with great ideas, inspiring information, wonderful memories, and delectable cuisine. We hope the team thoroughly enjoyed their stay and are more united because of it.

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