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Cut Your "Leash" with Jive Mobility for Schools

Jive Communications is one of the leaders in Cloud Technology for Education, and our simple custom-built solutions are ideal for any educational institution. Whether it’s our seamless set-up, our easily accessible remote management portal, or our affordable price point (including E-Rate eligibility), schools across the nation are switching to Jive.

But if that’s not enough incentive to switch, Jive’s mobile functionality, “Jive Mobility” might push you over the edge.

Jive Mobility

For the Educator

Let’s imagine you’re a freshly graduated elementary education teacher with your first class of second graders. Not only do you worry about your own learning curve and training, but you struggle to cater to the learning styles of 30 seven-year-olds. The overly worried mothers and fathers of these kids check in on the status of their kids on a regular basis, and seeing to the needs of 30 kids is no easy task. On top of all of that, you feel responsible for their safety, and you want them to feel secure and sheltered in your classroom.

Jive Mobility on Smart Phone

Allow yourself to communicate more effectively with parents through Jive Mobility. You can now take calls on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet without having to give out your personal number. Parents can stay in the know, and you will feel good knowing that you aren’t missing any important calls.

For the Principal and Staff

One of the most crucial components of your job is keeping everyone at your school safe. Not only does Jive’s system increase school safety by integrating emergency response with the phones in the classroom by connecting the overhead paging system, but with Jive Mobility you can stay connected even once you’ve left the classroom. You’ll stay in touch with the whole school and get calls sent straight to your classroom phone, smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. Voicemail message notifications are also sent directly to your smartphone and email.

Jive understands the hectic schedule of educators, so with Jive Mobility you can stay connected without needing to patrol your work desk. Now you can also stay in touch with your peers and advisors whether you’re at P.E., recess, walking your dog, or sitting in front of your computer at home.

Jive Mobility on Tablet

For the IT Director or Superintendent

Now let’s say you’re a Director of IT. You have the responsibility of overseeing the integration of reliable, education-ready technology across multiple schools, and possibly even school districts. This means you manage multiple systems and products – learning and maneuvering across all of the unique platforms and functions. This requires you to have many contacts at several different companies to coordinate system design, modifications, trouble shooting, and so forth.

With Jive and Jive Mobility, you don’t need to stress over various systems. Jive can be managed centrally and integrates the functionality of multiple systems. Mobility allows you to reach anyone in your circles regardless of your location. And the entire Jive system can be managed anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser. Stay connected on multiple platforms from multiple destinations.

Jive Mobility and IT

In addition, with Jive you no longer have to pull your hair out after talking to the system engineer, the hardware specialist, or the third-party troubleshooting line. Jive is an all-in-one package, and our customer service is knowledgeable, patient, and happy to help. Reach them from anywhere on your Jive Mobility enabled smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Whether you’re a superintendent, principal, teacher or IT director, Jive Mobility can keep you connected even when you’re not at your desk. Having your direct line or extension linked to your mobile devices will not only save your cellular charges and minutes, but your contacts will be comforted to know they don’t have to try three different phone numbers to reach you. You can also access corporate directory information right from your Jive Mobility enabled device. If you’re a busy superintendent, you can join in on conferences on the go, or even listen-in (with whisper and barge capabilities) on other crucial conversations.

If you currently have Jive, download Jive Mobility on your device on our downloads page here.

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