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Creating a World-Class Experience

That Moment When

Recently, I had the opportunity to call a local university and assist my son in registering for classes. He had been on a two-year deferment, and I needed to make sure that his account was taken off hold so he could register. Trying to be as resourceful as I could, I went to their website and sorted through over 200 entries in the directory, hoping to find the correct one. I settled on Registration, which seemed like the logical choice.

I called in, and after being on hold for over 15 minutes, I finally got through. Having worked in customer service for my entire career, I could only imagine what was happening on the other end of the line. I brightly said, “Hello, how are you today?”

I heard a loud sigh, and then, “This is (name withheld). Can I help you?”

Trying to be positive, I let the representative know that I had a pretty simple question and asked if my son’s account was unlocked. They curtly told me that I had called the wrong department and that they couldn’t help me—and immediately hung up the phone.

Undeterred, I called back and got a different representative. They directed me to the person who could help me, stayed on the line until that person answered, and thanked me for the opportunity to help me.

Looking back, I am still struck by the dichotomy of this situation. Both people were in the same department and both were in the rush of college registration—but each of them reacted completely differently. As I analyze the situation, I have come to two conclusions: the first representative was there to do a job and nothing more. The second representative was at work to help people.

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Providing a TOTAL Experience

Every customer service organization is asked questions that may not be their job to answer. At Jive, we have implemented a new program called How Can I Help?. We don’t answer,

“That’s not my job,”


“You’ll have to call back and talk to a different team.”

Instead, the question becomes,

“How can I help?”

This ties directly back to the mission of the Jive Customer Experience Organization:

We provide a world class customer experience to all customers, both internal and external—nothing less, ever. We do this by providing a T.O.T.A.L. experience:

T – Teamwork

O – Ownership

T – Trust

A – Accountability

L – Leadership

Jive is committed to offering the best customer experience (Technical Support, Customer Care, Fulfillment, and Service Account Management) in the industry—that’s why we’re ranked #1. As Jive’s Director of Customer Experience, I want to know if you’re not having the best experience possible when you call Jive. If this is ever the case, please contact me directly at

Thank you for considering Jive Communications. We value your business and want you to have a world-class experience.

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