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Cost Benefits of Call Monitoring Solutions

Customer service contact centers continue to increase in demand, but are simply being cut by tight business budgets in tough economic times. Many companies are finding themselves turning to business VoIP systems as a way to effectively manage call centers and utilize advanced call-monitoring solutions.

The main question in today’s business world is not whether call centers can afford to install call monitoring software and solutions, but whether they can afford not to. These advanced solutions help businesses monitor all aspects of contact center operations, and on average, pay for themselves quickly.

VoIP business systems help improve call centers by seamlessly incorporating the following:

  • Training – VoIP hosted systems are one of the easiest way to train new call center employees. It allows existing agents to help monitor new agents, effectively creating a good training routine and allowing experienced agents to address training issues immediately.
  • Productivity – These types of advanced systems utilize monitoring software to help track and analyze efficiencies and inefficiencies within companies. Call monitoring is also important, as customers often give valuable feedback about trends and related product interest, helping companies tweak current product lines or launch a new line altogether.
  • Compliance – Many companies are finding that they need call recording software to ensure government compliance. Additionally, call recording software allows companies to evaluate employees, while gathering sensitive consumer data information.
  • Conflict Resolution – Records are ideal for conflict resolution management, especially those that may require legal action or ultimately lead to expensive litigation.

In today’s business world, the question is no longer if companies need business VoIP service, but simply when. Helping save companies thousands of dollars annually, while incorporating a wide variety of sophisticated features, Jive helps streamline company call center production, while also adding valuable benefits to all business related departments, including sales, management and administrative support personnel.

Additionally, the benefit of Jive’s VoIP phone systems is that call center employees can work from home, which can help add to a company’s valuable cost savings. As long as an employee has access to a Wi-Fi enabled network, he/she can simply plug his/her VoIP business phone in and begin working. Even though the employee is off-site, the benefits of Jive’s advanced system are still accessible, meaning that employees and employers both benefit from telecommuting call center employees.

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