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Continued VoIP Advancement

With the economy down, many businesses are facing the harsh reality: cut back or be cut back. With enterprises facing financial woes and possibly extinction, many companies have to re-evaluate their current needs, budgets and telecommunications programs.

Adapting and embracing modern technology is no longer optional, but something companies must consider if they wish to survive in this difficult economy. As consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, it’s important that businesses follow suit in order to keep clientele.

Long ago, converting to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology was a fearful, dreaded black void, one full of uncertainty. Today’s advanced systems are no longer a gamble but a positive reward, as proven by research, experts and statistics.

Over the past decade, VoIP hosted services have increased by an astounding 179,035-percent. This means that VoIP has seen the most rapid industry growth, with second being search engines at a mere 1,656-percent. With the economic recession cutting into the pockets of businesses globally, business leaders are making the switch to VoIP services, and this fast-growing industry is benefiting from the U.S. financial and social downturns. A mere five-percent of U.S. industries have received positive outcomes from the recession, with more than 60-percent of businesses experiencing a negative impact.

The VoIP business industry virtually all offers the same types of services – delivering voice communications via the Internet in digital form. What sets companies apart are service and costs, as well as evolutionary technologies. For example, many companies are jumping on board cloud-technology and VoIP is no exception, offering vital Cloud PBX technology that allows data to be stored remotely and off-site, eliminating the need for costly on-site telecommunication systems. This also means that the one-man self-employed office and small business can afford the same technology that large businesses and enterprises have incorporated into their daily routines.

Companies that are adopting hosted VoIP service are experiencing immediate returns, as they can calculate an instant decrease in administrative and internal costs. In fact, experts say that VoIP will be the standard within the industry, with Mobile VoIP also gaining in popularity.

The future for business VoIP systems is promising, expected to reach $54 billion before 2017. Many large businesses are realizing the importance of this telecommunications sector and are joining the VoIP race, which includes Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft, Box and Toshiba, to name a few.

Jive, a leader in the VoIP business industry, offers services tailored to enterprises, the public sector and small businesses. Their solutions are helping companies nationwide revolutionize how they communicate with clients and customers.

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