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Boosting Business with VoIP

With the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) advancements, small businesses are now able to enjoy the technologies that were once coveted solely by large enterprises. All these features at a reduced monthly rate and an average telecommunication savings of 30- to 50-percent? Who wouldn’t be digging deeper into the VoIP phenomena!

A hosted PBX system offers 24/7 accessibility from any location. VoIP phone systems are also highly configurable, allowing small businesses to grow at their own rate and pace, without incurring expensive systems in the beginning of their development stage. Hosted PBX systems are known to help businesses by:

  • Increasing Cash Flow – Hosted systems require no onsite hardware or equipment, except the telephone device, which is used for accessing the system. Providing excellent quality services combined with low operational costs and system installation, all maintenance is completed by Jive. Ultimately, this also lowers the total overall cost of ownership.
  • No Maintenance – As there is no onsite hardware, the system does require any maintenance. Hosted VoIP, or Cloud PBX, is accessible through a high speed Internet connection on either digital or analog telephones. The hardware is owned, operated, run and maintained by Jive’s advanced offsite system. This highly advanced technology is capable of meeting the demands of a small business or large enterprise corporation, providing excellent service quality and extremely affordable operational costs.
  • Fewer Staff – Because hosted systems are offsite and do not require any business maintenance, IT professionals will be able to focus on other tasks, such as computer infrastructure. With auto attendant features, secretaries can focus their time on administrative tasks, instead of primarily answering the telephone. While some businesses may find they can decrease employees, others may find it is more beneficial to redistribute tasks so the business functions more efficiently.
  • Locations – Even if a company moves to a new location, hosted PBX systems easily move too. As there is no onsite hardware to disconnect, move, store and re-connect, companies find that their down times are minimal, helping decrease customer loss and helping businesses maintain a professional image. With minimal hardware, relocating has never been simpler. Just plug in and a company is fully operational again within seconds.
  • Unity – Hosted PBX systems provide a single point of contact and accessibility via a web interface. This makes it possible for changes to be made to settings online, including Jive’s unparalleled features, such as auto attendants, call logs, call queues, voicemail, call reports, find-me follow-me features, caller ID, unified messaging, speed dial, music on hold, message on hold, custom schedules, call routing, desktop integration, remote access, virtual extensions, online fax, LDAP integration, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, call transfers, call forwarding, Visual Dial Plan Editor, online PBX controls, call recording and intercom features.

While reducing IT hassles and boosting business, VoIP is ever-evolving and helping take businesses to the next modern level of technology.

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