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Benefits of Jive’s Public Sector

Jive’s Public Sector division specializes in working with both government and educational institutions.

Offering an excellent price point, they offer high-quality VoIP hosted products, excellent customer service and a program to fit the needs and/or constraints of every budget.

A number of institutions can benefit from hosted VoIP – schools, government, libraries and colleges. Jive works to combine a full service of technological information, including voice, email and data into one single low-cost provider. Their cloud PBX service complies with federal regulations, ensuring government organizations are in full compliance.

Jive offers the following solutions for public sector businesses and corporations:

  • Hosted VoIP – This cloud-based system is offered at a much lower price point than traditional telecommunication systems. The features they offer include intercom, call recording, online PBX controls, Visual Dial Plan Editor, call forwarding, call transfers, ring groups, dial-by-name directory, LDAP Integration, online fax, virtual extensions, remote access, desktop integration, call routing, custom schedules, message on hold, music on hold, speed dial, unified messaging, caller ID, find-me follow-me, call reports, voicemail, call queues, call logs and auto attendants.
  • Hosted VoIP Phones – Offering a number of different conference phones, sidecars and VoIP-compatible handsets, each phone is delivered preconfigured, making it easy to plug-in and go.
  • Hosted Video – The modern workplace incorporates video teleconferencing for educational classes, branches, clients and more. Jive works with the public sector and offers high-definition video conferencing, combined with reliable, updated technology that is easy to use and simple to operate.
  • Hosted Email – With an easy-to-use, simple management system, Jive allows employers to use standard email programs. Directory migration is easy and Jive works with customers to simplify this process. Email is completely customizable and government agencies can create uniquely branded emails. Message archiving is also a local and federal requirement in today’s technological world, and Jive strives to ensure that government agencies are in complete compliance.
  • Broadband – Where would any company be without an exceptionally reliable Broadband system? This carrier-grade IP network helps agencies prioritize important traffic. Services are offered from $70 to $600 per month and include DSL, T1, Ethernet or DS3.
  • Managed Firewall – Providing the ultimate network safety, bandwidth management and content filtering services, Jive has the ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and maintain services remotely. Their managed firewall is preconfigured for easy setup. This advanced system also guarantees the highest voice quality and videos, while enhancing security for all hosted systems. Storage ranges from 80GB to 2TB.

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