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Advantages of Partnering with Jive

Jive offers one of the most reliable hosted business VoIP systems available and there are many advantages to partnering with Jive. Jive creates custom and individual plans with businesses to target their unique needs and offers unlimited features, month-to-month contracts, tech support, up-front charges and even a range of pricing plans.

Partnering with Jive offers a range of benefits, including:
Commissions. Partnering with Jive means residual commissions on customer accounts, as well as a large up-front sum.
Dependability. Jive offers 99.9% up-time and works through many datacenters to ensure the service always works for organizations of all sizes, large and small.
Straightforward. Jive makes VoIP for business plans simple and easy to implement. Along with upfront prices, quotes, support, setup and pre-configured hardware, all Jive VoIP contracts are month-to-month.
Reputation. Jive has one of the best reputations in the industry and is one of the biggest VoIP providers on the market.
Quality. Jive offers technical support and unrivaled customer service and consistently receives top ratings in both call sound quality and customer satisfaction.

Partners find Jive VoIP phone systems easy to sell with a range of advanced features as well. Jive offers features designed to improve business communication, including auto attendant, call logs, call queues, voicemail, find-me follow-me, music and message on hold, unified messaging, online fax, virtual extensions, desktop integration, remote access, call forwarding and transfers, online PBX controls, intercom, call recording and more.

Many of Jive’s features are also tailored to specific types of businesses. For example, call recording is an excellent feature for public sectors, insurance companies, healthcare, legal and real estate. All Jive options are easy to setup and install online through an included program and the Jive website.

With advanced features, a sterling reputation and the best quality on the market, Jive stands out from the other VoIP providers. Partnering with Jive offers the opportunity for a long-term relationship and the ability to make new connections with companies.

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