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What are the Advantages to Business VoIP?

Jive Hosted VoIP offers extremely affordable communication solutions, allowing businesses the affordability to make long-distance calls, international calls and so forth. VoIP allows companies the ability to expand their current business while reducing their overall communications expenses.

Traditional landlines charge per minute; whereas, Jive charges based on the number of users and allows unlimited calling features. Some studies indicate that by switching to business VoIP services, some companies can save up to 40% on long distance and local calls alone!

Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP business phones allows two or more people to conference at the same time. If customers do not have the business phones, employees can use their computers’ sound cards, microphones and speakers to successfully complete telephone calls.

Jive offers a wide range of features on their plans, including auto attendants, call logs, call queues, voicemail, call reports, find-me follow-me, caller ID, unified messaging, speed dial, music on hold, message on hold, custom schedules, call routing, desktop integration, remote access, virtual extensions, online fax, LDAP Integration, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, call transfers, call forwarding, visual dial plan editor, online PBX controls, call recording, intercom features and many more. This allows employees to benefit from feature-rich products, which enables them to be even more productive in their daily routines.

More than the simple power of speech and voice, VoIP allows employees to transfer files while using a web cam, allowing for easy instruction and the ability to remain on the phone with a customer.

VoIP also allows employees to easily work from home, receiving not only voice services, but also emails and faxes. Yes, including faxes! VoIP has the ability to convert the fax data into information packets, making standing by the fax machine waiting for hours a thing of the past.

VoIP services not only helps companies save money, but it also boosts employees’ productivity by allowing employees to focus on the tasks at hand instead of unreliable technology. A win-win situation all the way around, companies will drastically reduce their telecommunications invoices, improve customer service, employees can readily stay in touch with customers and clients through the VoIP offerings, and the number of advanced features offered by Jive is truly mind-boggling!

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