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Powering Up the Newbies

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In Jive’s dev department, we’ve had a nagging thought over the last few months. It’s been working away at us, slipping into the cracks between stand-ups and coding and lunches and refusing to leave us alone, like an itch in that inconvenient part of your back.

We need to train our new devs.

This seems like a “no duh” kind of realization, but since we count on people to get up to speed fast and they do, dev-specific training wasn’t a big priority in the past. However, we’ve noticed that there are a few things that people look back at when recalling their first days at Jive and say, “I wish I’d known about that sooner.” And we realized that if we got all those comments together and customized them into a training specific to what new devs need to know, everyone could get more comfortable and more productive more quickly.

To this end, I’ve had the honor of going about to six different developers, who range from newish to “deer in the headlights” new, and asking them what they wish they’d known when they started, what was a pain to find out, and what would have helped them get rolling faster. Interestingly, not many of their responses overlapped, though everyone agreed that new people needed to know about Git, SIP, and environments. This divergence might reflect the different teams that the respondents came from, or it could just prove how well Jive’s developers complement each other’s thinking. Either way, I got a good sample of things that new devs could benefit from knowing coming in. In the next month or so, that sample will turn into a powerful tool that new devs will wield to transform them from newbies to veterans in record time.

So look forward to the future.


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