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Hidden Objectives Brought to Light: Why We Actually Have a Tech Blog

This blog has had a good life so far. In its time, it has detailed some diverse stories, from a day in the life of a Jive developer to coverage of the Jive off-site to notes on regular expressions.

But backing up for a minute, why does this blog exist at all? After all, there’s already a company blog that details the more mainstream events of the company and the telephony industry. Why do we need a spin-off of that?

The answer is that this blog is not meant to inform the general public of Jive’s services or to cover the full range of subjects that the regular company blog recounts. This blog is meant specifically for developers, so its articles showcase Jive’s culture, processes, and technologies in a clear, entertaining way that techies will enjoy (and that non-techies, should they read it, can understand).

Why would we do this? Beyond improving the cyber airspace with refreshing articles, our other, main goal is to recruit talented, motivated people to Jive’ development team by highlighting the opportunities they can have to build cutting-edge technology, to work in a dynamic setting, and to create relationships with other sharp, skilled people. Using this blog as an introductory tool, we want to show them that Jive is the place to be. So go ahead, all you potential developers out there, have a look. Some of our blog articles feature people from our team—how they came to Jive and what they enjoy about being here. Others explain how we do things, from lunch ’n learns to management structure to job interviewing. And still others are written by the developers themselves, describing projects they’ve done, technology trends they’ve seen, and (occasionally) software rants they’ve gone on. This blog is meant to help you get a feel for whether or not you would fit in at Jive. We hope the answer is yes.

And if you get hired, your story might end up on here too.


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