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7 Classy Ways Jive Makes Your Small Business More Credible

Bigger isn’t always better. But, whether you’re a small business or a large company, you definitely want to look big. Size can give the impression of credibility, which helps you win customers’ trust.

There are all sorts of ways to look like an established company, like:

  • Get a professional-looking website
  • Set up a company email address
  • Have a professional logo
  • Develop polished marketing materials
  • Regular social media posting and blogging

But the best way to LOOK big is to sound big. When people dial in to a big corporation, they expect certain things: recorded messages, virtual receptionists, decent hold music, etc.

Most of all, they expect to reach a person without a lot of hassle. That’s what it comes down to—everyone wants to be treated like the big client of a big firm.

This is where Jive comes in. The standard feature bundle gives enterprise-grade call features to organizations of all sizes. Even on a startup budget, you can sound like a Fortune 500 company on the phone when you:

#1. Have a virtual attendant.

With a virtual attendant, or an auto attendant, you can get by without having someone to constantly direct inbound calls. When a customer calls, they can listen to a brief recorded menu of options and then select where they want their call directed.

To beef up the impression of your company, you can list off multiple departments—each with its own dedicated extension— even if, for example, the Sales and Billing and Support extensions all go to the same person. Jive even lets you configure the caller ID your customers see so it matches the option they picked.

#2. Offer state-of-the-art conferencing (including video).

Coordinate conferences with the best of them. Customers of big organizations expect options like three-way conferences, conference bridges, web conferencing, and even video conferencing. Give your customers the same high-tech opportunities so you can save on travel time and money when meeting with remote workers, clients, and partners.

#3. Give everyone voicemail boxes.

Jive gives you unlimited voicemail boxes so you can create one for each employee, department, or special ring groups. You even get a voicemail to email feature so your employees can check their messages in one place.

#4. Play customized hold music.

Ideally, customers’ calls are answered on the first ring, but during busy times, big companies play music so callers don’t get bored while on hold. With Jive, hold music comes standard as well. You can upload music, create multiple playlists, and use those playlists at specific points in a call flow.

#5. Record customized messages.

Let your callers know that calls may be recorded. Wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. Announce a special deal or discount. You can record and upload as many custom messages as you need.

#6. Set time-of-day routing.

Create alternate call paths for when your office is closed. Jive lets you configure your phone system so that calls during closed hours or on a holiday follow a different call path. Create holiday schedules days or months in advance, complete with emergency numbers and custom messages so your customers are cared for no matter when they call.

#7. Transfer calls without a hitch.

No matter which of your locations a customer calls, you can transfer him or her to any other extension in your system, even if that extension is physically located in another building, state, or country.

This isn’t all Jive has to offer—it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let us give you the tools of a large business phone system while you provide your customers with the personal touch of a small business. To find out more, check out

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