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Six Personalities You’ll Find at FAPSC (and Other Tradeshows) and How to Attract Them

The FAPSC Annual Conference opens its doors to school administrators and faculty today in Aventura, Florida. We’re thrilled to be a part of this great opportunity to give our company wings, as the organization’s 2014 theme is “reaching New Heights in Higher Education.”

For all of those exhibiting, we thought we’d post a few tips for approaching and attracting the various attendee personalities that will be shuffling past your booth (whether at FAPSC or your next upcoming tradeshow). For those who find themselves as attendees, this could be a fun opportunity to pinpoint your browsing style or determine how many of these roles you have played in the past.



While they may be attending the same conference, attendees walking around the exhibit hall are there for a number of different reasons, be that to research, discover, shop, or simply socialize. You’ll find a list below of six common personalities and ways to cater to them at FAPSC (or any other tradeshow):

Shopper – These are the individuals representing their school or organization. They are in the market for a very specific product or service and are wanting to be sold.

How to Attract Them: Make sure your product or service is easily recognized at your booth because shoppers will approach you immediately, listening for the pitch to your product or service.

Detective – Detectives don’t wish to be sold right there at your booth. They’re there to collect as much collateral about you and your exhibiting competitors as possible. They’ll later bring back the information to their team to study and research and ultimately make a solid decision about a specific service or product.

How to Attract Them: Prepare professional and attractive collateral ahead of time. Make sure it is easily noticeable and accessible for those simply walking the aisles of the tradeshow.

Scholar – Some attendees are there simply to learn from the seminars, courses, and lectures. These individuals are not in the market for a product until they hear about it firsthand from you during a seminar. They may browse the exhibit hall, but will most likely find you in the end.

How to Attract Them: Most tradeshows offer exhibitors the opportunity to host sessions during the course of the event. Whether you are allowed to sell your product directly or speak about the “new opportunities or services” in your field during your 30 or 60 minutes of lecture time, scholars will listen. Impress them and they will come.

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Fashionista – “Fashionistas” are generally not in the market for anything in particular. They may grab some collateral or listen to your minute-long service summary, but they don’t want to be roped in to a lengthy encounter. Rather, they’re there to navigate the exhibit hall and determine what’s the latest trend and what’s “so five years ago.”

How to Attract Them: Keep your booth simple, clean, and “design team approved.” This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to decorate, but a sleek design will draw the eye, and bring more appeal and validation to your product.

Hunter/Gatherer – These nomads traveling through the hall are there for one purpose only—to collect every piece of swag given away at the conference. Whether it be pens, stress balls, or a special giveaway, they’re helping supply their staff and children for the next few years.

How to Attract Them: Be sure that your handout is as relevant to your company’s product or service as it is unique. This way when they’re staring at your logo on their cell phone stand in the future, they’ll remember your name when they’re on the hunt for a phone service.

Social Elite – For the most part they are in attendance for the networking events, happy hours, parties, dinners, and other post-event happenings. However, when they come through the exhibit hall, there is always the opportunity to make a connection with these social butterflies.

How to Attract Them: Simply make yourself personable, welcoming, and avoid the seat behind a table at your booth. You will attract these personalities with your own vibrant one. Don’t be shy; you never can predict the outcome of an encounter, after all.

Good luck to all those exhibiting and attending FAPSC this year, and best wishes at your future events!

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