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4 Problems Hosted VoIP Can Solve

Today, businesses have the option to email, video conference, instant message or text to reach out to customers and colleagues. Despite the variety of options businesses have, they still rely on voice calls as a primary means to communicate. In fact, a lot of these organizations are still dependent on legacy systems or traditional landlines.

While the traditional landline may have been the best way for businesses to maintain communication in the past, relying on older technology will inevitably mean that they run into the following four major issues. Fortunately, these are issues that Hosted VoIP can easily solve.

1. Limited capacity and scalability

Legacy systems rely on a foundation of reliable, physical on-premise equipment. This means that once your company is ready to expand and increase its capacity to accommodate more customers and employees, you will need a significant investment to add new capabilities.

Thankfully, Hosted VoIP can easily address this issue. Hosted VoIP makes it easy for businesses to scale up or down based on their current needs, without the need to add new lines, servers or equipment. Look for a provider that offers an easy-to-understand, per-seat pricing system. This simplifies your efforts to scale up.

2. Limited features and functionality

Most major businesses are able to tap into the numerous calling features because they have the budget and resources to dedicate to them. Even so, landlines have very limited features as opposed to the various functionalities that Hosted VoIP platforms offer.

With Hosted VoIP, even small to medium enterprises with a limited budget can tap into the comprehensive coaching, monitoring and tracking tools that help provide better insight into their operations. They can choose from different operational functions that streamline current processes and customer service. It also provides numerous options for collaboration and consistent communication.

3. Upgrading hardware and software

Technology evolves. Legacy systems may have once been the most reliable way to communicate and collaborate. But as newer, more innovative systems are introduced, traditional methods will eventually take a backseat as these new platforms take over. This is the reason why companies who still rely on legacy systems often find themselves spending too much money on their current technology. In addition to requiring constant maintenance, any part that will need replacements or repairs may not even be available as traditional communication methods fade out. It may also be very difficult to find specialists or technicians who are familiar with the platform.

Fortunately, Hosted VoIP means your provider is fully responsible for any and all maintenance. No need to worry about upgrades. They will take care of everything for you.

4. Rising costs and expenses

While businesses understand that they have to spend money to make money, it’s pretty hard to justify rising monthly phone bills when there is an available solution to significantly reduce it –switching to a Hosted VoIP platform.

Hosted VoIP platforms offer full-feature calling systems that are just as reliable as legacy systems in terms of quality and consistency, with the added benefit of cost efficiency. In addition, Hosted VoIP platforms offer calling options for free or for a significantly smaller amount than traditional landlines.

If your company is among those few that still rely on legacy systems, give us a call before you start running into these four problems associated with outdated technology. Contact us at Jive today.

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