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3 Reasons Why Big Firms Are Taking Their Cue from SMEs When It Comes to Hosted VoIP

Small businesses, perhaps by virtue of necessity, have to be very smart about their investments. So, it’s not surprising that the majority of Hosted VoIP early adopters were actually smaller companies. According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan back in 2014, about 70 percent of Hosted VoIP subscribers were companies with less than 50 employees. Meanwhile, only 15 percent of larger, blue chip organizations were leveraging on the benefits of Hosted VoIP.

Since then, the business world has seen a shift. Big firms are taking their cue from small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) when it comes to Hosted VoIP. Why? Because they’re starting to realize that Hosted VoIP is a solution with advantages for both modest enterprises and larger organizations. Here are some key points that are worth noting:

1. Hosted VoIP allows companies to reduce communication costs

One of the most well-known advantages of Hosted VoIP is cost savings. Regardless of a company’s size, cost reduction will always be an advantage and a driving point for adoption. Hosted VoIP guarantees simple installation and implementation, which minimizes spending on hardware and equipment. With straightforward, per-seat pricing, there’s no need to worry about hidden or surprise charges for Hosted VoIP services. Best of all, maintenance and upgrades are something that you no longer have to worry about internally.

In terms of overhead cost, it also means you can leverage on new business trends such as BYOD (bring your own device) and remote working to help your company save on overhead costs without sacrificing reliable communication and collaboration.

Calling rates for Hosted VoIP are generally lower than traditional legacy phone systems. A multitude of alternative communication options are also available, including video calling and instant messaging.

2. Hosted VoIP offers reliable support for mobile and remote workers

Mobility is a trend that’s driving adoption rates among larger companies. Regardless of company size, employees and customers value a company’s ability to provide excellent service at the speed of need. The proliferation of smart mobile devices in the workplace is also allowing employees to be more flexible and mobile – but only if they have the right backend solution to support and empower consistent productivity. That’s where Hosted VoIP comes in.

Ensuring efficient communication and collaboration when your team is on the go or working remotely means having a system that offers sophisticated call forwarding features and message retrieval services.

3. Hosted VoIP offers easy and simple integration with key technologies they already use

One of the most common systems that all companies use are CRM platforms that allow them to deliver better customer service. Hosted VoIP makes it so much easier to integrate current platforms a company is already using to ensure they’re able to maximize efficiency and empower users with time-saving, cross-functioning communication features.

SMEs were quick to recognize the benefits of Hosted VoIP for their business growth. Now, larger corporations are beginning to recognize its potential. If you’d like to tap into everything that Hosted VoIP has to offer, contact us at Jive today.

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