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3 Cloud Security Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Cloud security: to some it may seem like an oxymoron. But there are a lot of myths about the cloud floating around (if you’ll pardon the pun), and so we thought we’d take the opportunity to examine a few of the ones we hear the most often.

1. On-premises solutions are safer than cloud-based solutions.


This is a logical conclusion. If you’re creating a complex network, wouldn’t it be safer to control it with your own team, rather than putting it in the hands of outsiders? But contrary to common sense, it can actually be safer to invest in a managed cloud solution. In one recent seminar on cloud security, panel member and IT leader Tony Richards noted that “60% of security breaches are internal, so working with a cloud based IT supplier may not represent any additional risk.”

It’s also important to keep in mind that cloud-based providers have full stack teams, often working overtime to keep invaders out and their code clean. As one cloud security expert related, “[The cloud’s vulnerabilities are] balanced by better security practices on the part of cloud providers than most customers can muster on their own.”

2. With a cloud-based system, security could be compromised.

Fact (well, kind of).

We’ve all heard about celebrity photo leaks. Events like that can shock the news cycle for weeks, stoking fears about the cloud. But even if cloud systems can be vulnerable, is your business really likely to be under threat? A recent study by the Cloud Industry Forum indicated that nearly 70% of organizations fear for their data security – despite the equal evidence that 99% of these organizations have never been hacked.

Perhaps even more importantly, the threats typically faced by Hosted VoIP users are extremely minimal compared to other types of cloud systems. Since VoIP providers are continually auditing their customers’ systems, both for security breaches and for service disruptions, there’s very little risk of leakage in the first place. Despite the possible risks, Jive is on the forefront of the industry in security, and we work tirelessly to improve system-wide.

3. Cloud security will continue to improve.


Jive has always taken security seriously. That’s also starting to be true across the tech industry, since the current conversation is only fueling the need for cloud services to get safer, faster. Already you can see this in the rise of cloud security enforcers — specially designed systems that allow users to protect their identity and manage access.

Jive operates through 11 SSAE certified datacenters, all complete with 24/7/365 monitoring. The SSAE certification ensures that your data is physically protected, as these datacenters create multiple security levels to prevent physical theft. Jive can also help you monitor your system even more frequently by using a designated network environment for your phone system.

With Jive’s dedicated NOC staff, secured data centers, and commitment to security, you can rest assured that we’ll work hard to fight threats wherever they might be. Now you can focus on strengthening your organization through better communication.

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