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2019’s Best Software Picks for Small Businesses

Small businesses are always looking for tools and technology that can help them operate faster and more efficiently. However, the sheer volume of software available for businesses today can prove to be overwhelming. How do you sift through all of the options and decide which products will be best for your company’s unique needs? 

To simplify the process, we’ve turned to one of the most reliable sources of information for purchasing business technology—G2 Crowd. Known for being a platform that gathers real-time, unbiased reviews, G2 Crowd empowers businesses to make informed and insightful buying decisions based on 650,000 independent and authenticated user reviews. 

To that end, G2 Crowd has gathered their top 50 software picks for small businesses, from content platforms to POS systems. You can check them out here. On our end, we’ve narrowed down the list to the following four categories and highlighted G2’s recommended products that we believe serve as the backbone of any business’ operations, regardless of industry.


1. Gain better operational insight with time tracking

Tracking time is essential to company productivity.  TSheets simplifies the process by allowing team members to clock in or out by simply downloading the app to their mobile phones. This allows team members to track and submit hours anytime, anywhere. 

This tool allows people to streamline tedious and time-consuming tasks, like the payroll process, scheduling and invoicing, which are critical to running a successful business. Automating the time-tracking process also allows you to gain real-time insight through accurate reporting. 


2. Enable better communication with Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications

Enterprise-grade communication tools are usually out of reach for small-to-medium enterprises. Fortunately, Hosted VoIP levels the playing field for smaller enterprises by providing  cost-efficient and reliable access to calling and collaboration tools. 

G2 highlights Jive Communications as one of the software products under the Hosted VoIP category that’s best for small-to-medium enterprises. The solution combines powerful communication and collaboration features into a single platform that can help businesses cut costs while staying competitive. 


3. Build better and stronger customer relationships with live chat integration

Businesses rely on strong communication with their customers. More and more companies are turning to technology to ensure that communication between company and customer is as easy as possible. 

With Intercom, you can engage customers by automating the sending of targeted emails. By making smart choices, you can use technology to communicate better and provide faster customer support. 


4. Facilitate better document management with an e-signature platform

DocuSign helps businesses facilitate easy document management and exchanges, which are essential in today’s fast-paced, digital world. 

The platform lets businesses prepare, manage and sign critical paperwork with ease while ensuring security. The e-signature platform also allows greater mobility and flexibility. 


Be sure to check out G2 Crowd’s full list of Top 50 Products for Small Business 2019 

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