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2013 VoIP Connections

As companies delve into a new, exciting year, full of promises and technological development, many sectors are looking at making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Each company has their own business model and plan for this year. Some companies will focus on streamlining budgets, others will be hiring new talents to take companies in a forward direction and yet others will begin to embrace advanced technology.

Not only should companies analyze how employees communicate with one another, but also how employees communicate with customers. There are several technology options on the market that can further streamline this process and help make a company more successful and profitable this year.

Chances are, companies that are not familiar with advanced technology, such as VoIP, have strayed away from making the big switch in the past. In fact, research shows that embracing this new technology is not only the way of the future, but it also helps decrease bottom line expenses and helps boost employee productivity. Research conducted by “InformationWeek Research,” shows that businesses who are planning to switch to VoIP site 66-percent as seeking to lower communication expenses, 43-percent desire combining data and voice networks and 41-percent want a platform that specializes in one-stop communications for two or more areas.

What does VoIP have to offer?

  • Communication – VoIP allows businesses to have more fluid and regular contact with customers, especially those that have large call centers. It also allows employees that regularly commute or travel to stay in constant contact with clients.
  • Savings – VoIP not only decreases telephone bills, it slashes them.
  • Diversity – VoIP business plans offer greater flexibility and a variety of calling features, including online PBX controls, call transfers, LDAP integration, remote access, custom schedules, speed dial, Find-Me Follow-Me, call queues, intercom, Visual Dial Plan Editor, ring groups, online fax, desktop integration, message on hold, unified messaging, call reports, call logs, call recording, call forwarding, Dial-By-Name Directory, virtual extensions, call routing, music on hold, Caller ID, voicemail, auto attendants and much more. Additionally, VoIP offers many capabilities, including using hard-wired telephones, mobile telephones and computer software.
  • Upgrades – VoIP allows for easy future upgrades. For example, Jive offers month-to-month contracts with unlimited calling and features a five-tiered plan, ranging from one employee to more than 50 users. This allows companies to easily upgrade or downsize, based on monthly needs and volume, which can be especially helpful during busy retail seasons. Additionally, VoIP’s services are plug-and-go meaning that companies can easily relocate and never miss a call.

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